I am so sick and tired of listening to all of the ridiculous nonsense coming out of the world today! Every single day there is another shooting, another bombing, another riot, blacks against whites, whites against blacks, Christians against Muslims, Muslims against Christians…What in the hell is wrong with everyone? Why can’t everyone see that we ALL matter? Every color, creed, sex and religion is important to this world. It makes this world beautiful but yet it seems that today everyone is hell bent on destroying the beauty that has been created for us.

We humans are making this world ugly. For what? Right in this moment we are the most self-loathing bunch of idiots to ever crawl this earth. We know the things that have happened in the past and yet we are still set to repeat it. This is the very definition of insanity! Why is it that most of us cannot see past our own noses to realize that every single life matters? In some way, big or small EVERY LIFE MATTERS! Human, animal, black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, we all matter. We all have to share this home that we call earth as a family but for some reason we all see this life as some kind of sick competition. Life is NOT a competition people!

We are supposed to be united. We are supposed to be the HUMAN RACE, the greatest race to ever walk this earth. If you really think that your COLOR makes you a different race than your neighbor, then you have a real problem because the last time that I checked we were one RACE. HUMANS.  We are supposed to be an intelligent race, but we are losing the intelligence that God gave us to be great so very quickly! We are reverting to nothing more than a bunch of apes fighting needlessly for a piece land or for a warped sense of religion that really does not matter. We do not see one another the way that we should. We are all beautiful extensions of one another, our colors and differences making this world a better place for them but if we are constantly fighting because of those differences then what really separates us from what we know as lesser animals?

I am probably one of the whitest people that you will ever see but yet I am of both Middle Eastern and European descent and proud of that fact. I teach my children that there is no difference in people just because they are of a different color, nationality, religion or any other difference that you can think of. My children do not understand why people are acting in this way. They do not understand why people think that some people’s lives matter over other ones, and honestly I am quite tired of trying to explain all of this to them and make excuses for those people who are acting like they are better than others. We are all that SAME by the way!

Yes, my children are old enough to see what is going on and they are old enough to understand it at least to some extent and I refuse to let them believe that this is the way that God intended for us to act. I refuse to let them believe that they are any better or worse than anyone else on this earth and no matter what happens I refuse to let them believe that this is all that they have to look forward to. I want them to make a change in their world, a change for the better, a change that says that the other “adults” around them are wrong about one another and that all people can live together as one.

I was raised in a “racist” south but I chose NOT to believe the lie of racism. I chose NOT to believe in the lie of race, period! If I get cut then I bleed red and I am willing to bet that all of you do too. I have a human heart (that loves), a human brain (that knows the difference) and a human body that is more or less just like any other human body. All of my parts and pieces are in the same place as yours are and they all work pretty much in the same way. So please tell me what makes us so different? What, our color? Our religion? I am Christian by the way and unafraid to admit it. Is it our place on this earth or our economic status? I am will to bet that our “difference” is really only in the way that we think and feel about things but I see this too as a beautiful thing. It is okay to agree to disagree and it is okay to be different.

I am so tired of “listening” to all of the crap going on the world so I refuse to “listen” anymore. I cannot stop hearing it but I can stop “listening”. I will be part of the solution here and not the problem. ALL LIVES MATTER, humans, animals, plants and anything else that LIVES, we ALL matter.

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