I know that it has been quite some time since I have published anything and for that I am truly sorry. Life has gotten in the way. Between school, kids, parents, husband, stress, health issues and just life in general writers block has set in but I hope that is about to change. Normally, writing is the way that I calm and re-center myself but that has been impossible lately. So I would like to help others to overcome challenges like these with a few tips that may help.

For people who enjoy writing, writer’s block can be a nightmare. Writing is our way of releasing tension and for some it is a way de-cluttering our thoughts as well. So in a sense writer’s block can be just as stressful and frustrating as all of the other things going on in your life. Here are some tips that have helped me and some that I am going to give a try myself, so we will be learning and un-blocking together:

  1. Write whatever you are thinking at the moment. It can be random thoughts or frustrations, things that are really on your nerves, your hopes and desires, your dreams for your life or the dream that you had last night. Maybe you have something that you want to say to someone in your life but they are either unavailable or you just don’t know how to bring up that subject with them, whatever the reason and whatever it is, write it down, get it out. You will feel better just doing that. I have been doing this quite a bit lately.
  2. Do other things with your creativity. Color in a coloring book. Paint a picture, even if you feel that you cannot paint, you never know what might come out. Learn some new recipes; food can be an art too. Whatever you do just don’t leave your creativity behind just because you have writer’s block (Sambuchino, 2013).
  3. Get some exercise. I know that this may sound like a cliché but when you move your body and get your blood flowing a little more, your brain also receives some of that blood and that just might help to get your mind moving too (Sambuchino, 2013). This can also help you to de-stress.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for a little me time. If you have a big family like me, you know that personal time is nearly impossible to get. Have a talk with your family about getting an hour or so a day for you. You can spend your time writing or just relaxing. I know that this one is a hard one especially if you are a caregiver to your children or parents (I have both) but you need that hour for you. Think of your sanity.
  5. EWW (Editing While Writing), are you guilty of this too? I know I am! You spell a word wrong or use a word wrong and you go back to fix your mistake taking time and losing your thought process at the same time. Just keep going and fix your mistakes when you are through (Tice, n.d.). I love this tip and will be using it myself from now on.
  6. Read anything you can get your hands on! Reading inspires a writer, so if you are feeling a little deflated, pump yourself up with any and all stories that you can find (Tice, n.d.).  Reading begets writing for people like us.
  7. Perfection is not your friend. Let me say that one again…Perfection is not your friend. Writing is not an exact science and we all have our differences. Getting your story out, whatever it may be, is your main goal, right? So, let it out! So what if there is an imperfection here or there, your story is being told and that is what matters (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2013).
  8. Be yourself! I know that this is just another cliché but it really is true. Let Stephen King be Stephen King, let Stephenie Meyer be Stephenie Meyer. They are great writers but they are not you and you are not them, thank God! You are a unique person with your own stories to tell so tell them the way that you would tell them not the other way around.

Getting out of a writer’s block can be a hard thing to do sometimes and other times we are waiting on just the right inspiration to strike us. I have been in my slump for about a month now and it has been killing me. I know that some of you will say “That’s nothing. Mine has lasted for months…”, I know from experience that a block can last different amounts of time and that it is horribly frustrating but I hope that ending my block with this article about how to go about it can help get you going in the right direction to writing again too.

Here’s to writing again!



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